What is Lacambra?

LACAMBRA handmade in spain

LACAMBRA is a brand of leather bags and accessories made in Spain, that offers:


LEATHER Bags & Accessories in 30 colours 

ACCESSORIES (reversible belts, necklaces, passport covers, keyrings, etc)

PURSES (wristlet purses, wallets, coin purses, card holders...)

BAGS in different sizes: Small, Medium and Big, as well as BACKPACKS for everyday use and COMPUTER BACKPACKS.

COVERS: Phone Covers, Passport Covers, Laptop & Tablet Covers


We have recently launched a line of vegan bags made in Piñatex ®, (textile made from pineapple leaf fibre).



You can customize our products in two ways:

- with NAME or INITIALS: all the products can be customized with regular embossing or silver embossing.

 In each product you will find the option of adding "Extras" such as embossing.iniciales en piel


- from scratch, choosing and combining the colours of each part of the bag.

  Do it here: CUSTOMIZE


Our Philosophy

bolsos de piel, leather bags

Customization, design and quality are the core values of our brand.
LACAMBRA products are made with high quality materials and are handmade in Spain.

LACAMBRA's brand values:

SIMPLICITY - pure lines, basic and timeless pieces.

QUALITY  - quality materials and finishings.

FUNCTIONALITY - useful, practical products for every day life.

DESIGN - carefully designed items.

CUSTOMIZATION - the customer participates in the creation of the items, by customizing the piece to their taste.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - we manufacture in Spain in a sustainable manner. 



Cristina Álvarez LacambraCristina Álvarez Lacambra (Madrid 1972) created the brand LACAMBRA in 2011 and founded the company LACAMBRA BAGS S.L. 

At the beginning of the brand, Cristina had the expert assistance of fashion designer Rubén Gómez to develop the first products.

Currently Cristina designs most of the pieces. 

On September 1st. 2017 Cristina saw one of her dreams come true with the opening of the the first LACAMBRA store in Madrid.

(For more info on the store click here)